Canine First Aid Courses For Dog Owners & Canine Professionals

Dog CPR canine resuscitation chest compression
Why Canine First Aid?


Would you know what to do if your dog has a heart attack or a fit? Or what to do to stop the bleeding if he is bitten by another dog?  What would happen if he choked on a stick or a toy?  Would you know what to do? Could you help him? ....there's no ambulance to call.


A DogSafe First Aid course will give you the essential knowledge and skills to empower you to take action and help your best friend when he needs it most.

Does it Work?

60% of all vet visits are emergency in nature and statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death amoung pre-senior dogs and cats.


One in four pets would survive if just one canine first aid technique were correctly applied before getting to an emergency vet. (American Animal Hospital Association).